IT Cosmetics “It’s All About You Set”


Since Clinique reformulated my favorite foundation several years ago I have yet to find one that really works  for me. Recently, I’ve been using Tarte Hybrid Gel foundation which feels great and gives amazing coverage. Unfortunately, it’s too moisturizing and lacks longevity for the summer months (although I’m thinking that it will be good for the dryer winter months).

I’ve been curious about IT Cosmetic CC+ Cream for quite a while so when QVC offered a super size tube of their Illumination CC + cream in a favorites set for $59,  I went ahead and purchased it.


From a value perspective this set is great . You get 2.53 oz of CC Cream (normally the standard  1.08 oz tube sells for $38). Given the retail price this is like getting over $80 work of  CC cream. I chose the CC cream in the shade light which is a little deeper than I expected but works well with my skin tone now that I have a little summer tan.


Also included is a Je Ne Sais Quoi lip treatment which is an extremely hydrating balm that lends just a little bit of color.


Also part of the set is a tube of Tight Liner Mascara. Tight Liner is a  skinny mascara that will multi task and create a lined look to your eyes. Im excited to try it.


I love that they also included the Heavenly Skin CC+ brush in this set. In fact, I’ve loved all the brushes that I have tried from IT Cosmetics. They are all super soft and perform well.

So how is the CC cream faring? Well – I think I have found the perfect foundation. It multitasks as a moisturizer, primer and foundation and has SPF 50 (I always love extra SPF in my products). It has buildable coverage that can go from medium to full. I  need that adjustable coverage to hide redness issues that will occasionally show up from time to time.  It also gives a really natural looking youthful finish that lasts most of the day (and that’s what I’m looking for). I find I just need a slight powder touch up in the late afternoon.

Im really glad I gave this set a shot!

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