About Mascara On The Run

Friendship is a beautiful thing. The kind of friendship without judgement, that’s effortless and natural. So who comes to mind but Thelma and Louise? Well, amidst murder, running from law enforcement, and that whole driving off a cliff thing, we can only imagine that they loved discussing beauty products, tips, and great deals just as much as we do! We may not be “on the run” in the way Thelma and Louise were, but we still need quick and low-maintenance for our lifestyles. Our goal is to share and discuss our beauty knowledge from all over the spectrum. Whether it’s a high-end designer lipstick or the benefits of something you would find in your pantry, we love it all. We’re just a couple of women who want to look as great on the outside as we feel on the inside, and maybe go on a road trip every once and a while…

Want to share beauty ideas or have you discovered a new product?

Contact us at mascaraontherun@gmail.comΒ or fill out this form –

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